Alquiler de barcos sin licencia
Alquiler de barcos sin licencia Benalmádena

Alquiler de barcos sin Licencia Benalmádena 


RENT A BOAT puerto marina Benalmádena
Benalmadena Boat trips
Alquiler de barcos sin licencia
Alquiler de barcos sin licencia Benalmádena

Alquiler de barcos sin Licencia Benalmádena 


RENT A BOAT puerto marina Benalmádena
Benalmadena Boat trips
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How to anchor my boat without a license?

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How to anchor my boat without a license?

When summer comes and it's time to rent a boat without a license, we always ask ourselves what is the best way to anchor the boat.  We always ask ourselves when we arrive at a wonderful cove or a magical place where we want to anchor our boat without a license on how to drop our anchor

In this post we want to give you all the possible guidelines to anchor and to make this maneuver as simple as possible.  I also want to point out that the anchoring system in a boat without a license and in all boats is one of the most important maneuvers in terms of safety, and above all it will give us much more peace of mind.

Must take into account:

1. That the boat can have free swing (the swing of a boat without a license is when the boat turns around the anchor) we must have a safety margin with respect to other boats.

2. We must take into account the depth of the place where we want to anchor with our boats without a license, we also have to observe if there are rocks or bottoms with which we can collide.

3. The most advisable funds in which we can anchor our boat without a license are those of sand, gravel, shell or compact mud.

4. Those that are less recommended are rocky or stone, coral or algae and clay or soft mud.

5. Once we are clear about the place where to anchor our boat without a license, we will look at where the bows of other boats point, and if there are none, we will put the bow to windward (the bow points to where the wind is coming from).

Anchoring maneuver:

The first thing you should do before starting our anchoring maneuver, we must check how many meters deep there is.

We must take into account that boats without a license have a chain of at least 5 times their length.  So if we rent a boat without a 5-meter license, we will have to know that she will have about 25 meters of chain.  With this we will know that we can anchor in a place with a maximum depth of 5 meters.

 * With normal weather conditions: we will drop the anchor and string the chain between 3 and 4 times the depth.

 * In more agitated conditions: we will cast chain between 5 and 6 times the depth.

 * Already positioned with the bow to windward with our boat without a license and with enough speed to be able to govern our boat without a license, we visualize exactly the place where we want to stay with the anchored boat.

 * Once we have chosen the place to anchor our boat without a license, we are located a little further from where we want to stay, we drop the anchor, and we will release it slowly.

 * While we are pulling (release anchor) the chain we are with the engine started but without any starting, that is, without any gear engaged until the anchor and a bit of chain touch the seabed.  Once we have the anchor on the bottom, we will push back a little with the motor very smoothly so that the anchor can be well embedded in the seabed and the chain well aligned, without being able to pile up.

 * We must count how many meters we are releasing.  In some cases the chains have some marks that indicate each meter of rope, if not, we can calculate it ourselves so that it is approximate.  It is better to go too far than to fall short, in this way we make sure that our anchor does not drag.

 * After turning off the engine we will check that the anchor does not drag.  What can help us is to take a reference or a marking on the coast so that we can realize in case of movement

 * Once we see that the unlicensed boat does not grapple and that the drift circle is adequate (we do not have any boat or rocks nearby that we can collide with), we can proceed to turn off the engine.

With the engine off and never on, we can dive until we check that our anchor is properly hooked and positioned, checking that the chain line works correctly.  Some boats without a license use a rope on their mooring line called orinque, the orinque is to signal and buoy the anchor of our anchorage.  So if we will avoid other boats chaining above our anchor.

We will never stop watching our boat without a license while it is anchored, since in case of negligence the insurance is not responsible for the damages.

How to raise the anchor?

The maneuver of raising the anchor is a simpler maneuver than the previous one, but it is important that the crew is attentive, and we must always have a crew member in the bow who will mark where the anchor is located when we are raising it.
 1. We start the engine, check that there are no bathers around or near us.
 2. We check that everything is correct and in order, that the bathing ladder is up and that there are no objects such as towels or diving goggles that could fall into the sea once we get going.
 3. We only proceed to turn (raise) the anchor when we are above it, we will never force the anchor to rise until the bow of the ship is just above it.
 4. From the BABORBOAT boat rental team without a license we hope that these steps will help you, and do not hesitate to consult with our team of professionals how and where we should anchor.


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