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Boat Rental in Benalmádena for your Holidays with friends

Would you like to spend an unforgettable vacation with your friends?  Well, now we are going to propose the best plan to have an unforgettable experience with your friends: "Rent a boat in Benalmádena" and completely relax on the high seas, and enjoy a wonderful climate. "Rent a boat in Benalmádena" is one of the best experiences you can have on your next vacation with friends, you can discover the most hidden coves and corners of the Malaga coastline, you can have fun and enjoy water activities and discover the secrets of the seabed . “Rent a boat in Benalmádena" will give you the freedom to observe nature as you have never done before... "Rent a boat in Benalmádena" and feel like a captain for a day is a wonderful adventure. Get on board and book now!

Boat rental in Benalmádena: Sailing or motor boat?

The main question that all of us who want to have our first experience at sea ask ourselves is what type of boat we can rent.  Rent a boat sailing or motor boat in Benalmádena will depend on your tastes and above all on the budget we have. The main thing we have to keep in mind is that the larger and more comfortable the boat, the more the rental will cost.  It also influences the horsepower and power of the engine, the more horsepower and power the engine has, the higher the price of the boat rental in Benalmádena. That is why from our company BABORBOAT boat rental in Benalmádena we offer a range of boats without required qualifications, so that you can enjoy the same experience of sailing the sea at a cheaper price.

The boats are up to 5 meters in length and have an engine that does not exceed 15cv.  If what you are looking for is adrenaline and to really feel like Captain for a day, from BABORBOAT rent a boat in Benalmádena we recommend a motor boat.  More stable, easy to handle and comfortable. Being able to move more quickly to any point on the coast than with a sailboat.

With pattern or without pattern?

Rent a boat in Benalmádena without a skipper, is what has come to be that the specific person who rents it with his group of friends, is the one in charge of driving and governing it. You should also know that only and exclusively you can sail and rent a boat in Benalmádena without license those boats that are up to 5 meters in length and 15 maximum horsepower.

Boats that exceed 5 meters in length and more than 15 hp will be governed by people with qualifications, it can be the navigation license, PNB, PER, etc. Even if you have obtained any of the necessary qualifications to be able to sail, it is a fantastic idea to hire a skipper because it will give you freedom and security to better enjoy the adventure and experience of a sunny day on the boat with your friends. This way you will avoid the unforeseen events that may arise during the journey. The best thing about hiring a skipper from the area is that apart from taking the course well, he knows perfectly the best coves and beaches to enjoy an unforgettable swim. If you do not have a license and want to enjoy the experience of feeling like a Captain for a day, contact BABORBOAT rent a boat without license in Benalmádena. 

Activities to enjoy the day on the boat with friends

You can think about how you can entertain yourself on the boat for so many contracted hours, at BABORBOAT rent a boat in Benalmádena you can rent the boat from 2 hours, to half days of 4 hours or full days of 6 hours. Entertaining yourself is very easy because we have kilometers and kilometers of Sea and Coast to be able to enjoy different activities such as discovering marine life by snorkeling, paddle surfing and tossing a coin on shallower surfaces to see who takes less time to find it.

 Renting a boat in Benalmádena with your friends is a fantastic idea to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.  If you are thinking about this option, BABORBOAT boat rental in Benalmádena is the leading company and the N*1 in boat rental without license.  Check our website and get on board our boats.  Book now and don't stay on land.


What happens if I make a reservation and the weather conditions are not suitable?

Do not worry, for Baborboat the most important thing is to protect the safety of our clients above all else, in the event that the conditions for renting the boat are not adequate, we will refund the reservation amount provided or you can change the chosen date of the boat rental.

How can I book a boat rental?

To formalize a reservation, it can be done through the file of each boat using the web form with your data and chosen date.  Baborboat will confirm the availability of the boat.  You can also make the boat reservation by calling +34 658 488 637, we also serve WhatsApp.

How and when should I make the payment?

The reservation is made immediately once the availability of the boat is confirmed and provided your personal data. The payment is 30% of the total rental price.  The rest will be paid the day before the rental, or in cash upon receipt of the boat.  We accept payments in cash or by bank transfer.

What does a boat rental include?

It has a fridge to store ice (on request), extra bimini awning, solarium and radio with bluetooth connection. In addition, the boat has contracted compulsory and accident insurance, an insurance policy SOVI (compulsory traveler insurance)

What extras can I hire?

You can contract with us all kinds of extras, sport fishing rods, snorkeling equipment or assorted fruit service. As well as reservations in restaurants, transportation, other nautical activities.

Do I have to have a nautical license to rent a boat at Baborboat?

No. You can rent our boats without the need for a license. We will give you the basic training necessary to govern this type of boat

What state of maintenance are our boats in?

You can navigate with complete peace of mind. At Baborboat we care a lot about customer satisfaction, that's why every day we keep our boats clean at each departure and in total safety.

What is the cancellation policy?

GENERAL CANCELLATION CONDITIONS: If the cancellation is made by the client: * If the client decides to cancel the boat trip AT ANY TIME, he or she will receive 100% of the amount delivered for the reservation to the client. CANCELLATION WILL BE COMPLETELY FREE *Cancellation by BABORBOAT SL: The BABORBOAT SL company reserves the right to cancel any reservation in the event that weather conditions do not allow safe navigation for clients. In this case, the rental service will be postponed to another day that the client chooses and the boat is available. In the event that the client or tourist, if applicable, cannot change the day because their vacation ends and returns to their country, the total amount of the reservation delivered will be refunded.

Is it easy and secure to make the reservation payment online?

Of course. Our online payment platform is "STRIPE", one of the safest platforms in the world to make your payments online. We do not store your bank details, nor your credit card number, it is completely safe to pay through with STRIPE.

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